Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Deals on Potato or Macaroni Salad @ OOingle

I just posted this over on OOingle but the prices after coupons are so crazy I have to post here too.

Head on over to OOingle and print those coupons and stock up for next week!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Whats going on lately??

Some times you can't deny who your kids are LOL
I'm thinking my corner needs a reboot, I want to post about whats going on with my life. I however don't want any flack about what I post.

Nowadays you will find me more over on my coupon blog. that piggy is my baby LOL.

I tried doing posts of all sorts here but figure the deals needed a home of their own.

My oldest will soon be 17!! I can not believe it. Going into the 12th grade, I'm praying he actually graduates when he is suppose to. He is a wonderful procrastinator. And procrastinating himself into a super senior if he doesn't watch himself.

My youngest will soon be 9, going into the 4th grade. I'm super proud of him for passing the state reading test that allowed him to continue to the 4th grade. 3rd grade was full of ups and downs, and we were not sure he was gonna make it. But as always near the end of the school year he does great, and ended the year with A/B honor roll for the last grading period WOOT WOOT

So thats it about the kids, I'm just cruising along trying to get the whole social media thing going for OOingle and make it a popular site. With a such a unique name it has to become something great.

Today I am listing items on ebay, gotta get some money coming in. Check out my listings HERE and also on my tab up above.

Be watching for more posts as I try to get back into the regular blogging and not just posting deals :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get Paid CASH to Watch Commercials. INSTANTLY

Yep you read that right Get Paid CASH to Watch Commericials INSTANTLY! No Points to redeem for cash later, no small cents a day. I am talking $5 - $10 real money weekly. Ok Ok I know not that much but you can basically build it up in like your first day and be almost done for the week. The site is called JingIt.

When you sign up your given a limit of $5 per week you can earn. However you can increase that by inviting friends on Facebook which increases your earning limit by $0.25 each and it will increase you all the way to a limit of $10 per week that you can earn.

To get your money they issue you a debit card. (When you sign up for it they deduct $2 of your balance) I really like this idea its gonna be just some quick cash to use maybe for a CVS trip or whatever.

They also offer a music service called that you can spend your Jingit money at for mp3 songs if you so choose.

Also everyone in the house can have an account. I got my 16 signed up so he can watch these ads too each week and earn himself a little snack money or whatever. I don't have to buy him drinks anymore when we are out shopping YAY lol.

Sign up is quick and they give you a ton of videos to watch. The first few each day seem to have a quick few questions to ask you and then your on your way to just watching a earning.

So CLICK HERE to sign up and start earning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going Forward

I spent the weekend being very productive for a change, got lots of odds and ends done around the house. I'm totally itching to have a yard sale. But so far every weekend something has come up to prevent that. Its driving me nuts LOL

I decided to change my couponing system YET AGAIN lol, the binder thing with the 9 pockets wasn't working for me. My time is very limited as it is and I just couldn't keep up with the amount of coupons coming in to clip them and sort them and the worst part getting them in their pockets.

I got these cute accordion file boxes at Staples on Clearance for $5 so we'll see how these pan out.

I also picked up this app called Track My Coupons - Coupon Organizer and Reminder - David Nylander on the App Store for $1.99
It gives you a database of your coupons to look at when you are shopping.
You can enter the coupons through a form given on the computer then it gets imported in through an email attachment.

Was very easy to use and well worth the $1.99 to me to help me organize them this way.
Track My Coupons - Coupon Organizer and Reminder - David Nylander

Yeah no this post was not originally meant to advertise anything but I really like that app HAHA

Took the boys and my friends son to Toys R Us on Saturday for the Bricktober event they had going on and they got free lego cars. That was fun, and then I stopped and got them Free Ice Cream at Burger King :) And then spent some time at the park.

So now Moving Forward with the week. Having a Giveaway over on my Coupon Blog OOingle Totally worth checking out. Some nice Beauty items. And plsu my blog is lonely and needs a readership lol.

Catch ya later,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

4 years and 3 blogs later

Four years ago today I started my journey into blogging. I posted at a steady pace for quite awhile, got into paid posts and then got tired of them. And now have my photography blog and my couponing blogs. I don't post here much anymore Facebook is so much easier. But maybe I should again. Maybe I should dust my corner out and open myself up again.

I will try, this is my original home and deserves to have attention too.

So Happy Blogoversary to me and I really will try and post more.